First, our thanks to all who helped us get to where we are, a darn good little film that may just take some folks by surprise.  A film with a few laughs, a few surprises, a few folks you’ll recognize and a few tears, perhaps, as well.

Primarily,  we just wanted to tell a good story, and I think we’ve done that.  But read on, to see how many good people it takes to tell a story, even a short one.


Our short film is one of nine stories in the feature length “Greetings from Pittsburgh Neighborhood Narratives.”  It will premier at the Regent Theater in Regent Square on September 25 and then in each of several local neighborhoods, with it’s final neighborhood premier in the Strip, Saturday, November 8, at the Firehouse Lounge, which will be a benefit for Operation Safety Net.


Tommy and Me is dedicated to Operation Safety Net who continue to bring hope and dignity along with housing and medical assistance to the homeless in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.




Thursday, September 25, (Premiere) – 

Regent Square Theater, 7:30 pm


Sunday September 28 –

Bloomfield Screening –

Brillobox, 8:00 pm


Friday October 3 –

Homestead Screening –

The Pumphouse, 7:30 pm


Sunday October 5 –

Hill District Screening – 

Hill House Auditorium, 2:00 pm 


Sunday October 12 –

Downtown Screening –

Harris Theater, 2:00 pm


Tuesday October 21 –

Southside Screening –

Rex Theater, 7:30 


Thursday October 23 –

Oakland Screening –

Melwood Screening Room, 8:00 pm


Thursday October 30 –

Lawrenceville Screening –

Your Inner Vagabond, 8:00 pm


Saturday November 8 – 

Strip District Screening (Closing) –

The Firehouse Lounge, 7:00 pm




We were blessed to have the talents of some really fine local actors to tell our story.  Schmoo, the young drifter who is our narrator, is played by Jeffery Carpenter, and he makes Schmoo what he is – a young guy with a sense of humor, a good heart and a good story to tell – Schmoo is the narrator also, and so this is his story.  Jeffery nailed it every take.


Joe Warik plays Mike, the novelty store owner, and is a likeable character from the moment you meet him.  There’s a smile and a certain wisdom in him.


Tommy LaFitte plays the homeless man Tommy, and is so transformed by our makeup artist Rachel Kick, that when we ate lunch at Coangelo’s, with Tommy still in his beard, his street clothes, some folks looked at him at if he really were homeless.  Tommy LaFitte turned in a stellar acting job and you believe him from the moment he tells you to “Take it soft, now, lighten up.  Ain’t no big deal.  Hey, you got a dollar on ya?”




We were fortunate Gregory Lehane was available to bring together this great cast, with the help of Casting Director Nancy Mosser.  Gregory has an arm’s length list of directing credits in film, TV and theater.  He is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University,has been teaching directing for the past 18 years and has directed three plays for PICT (Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theater).  It was a busy four long days of shooting and Gregory’s fine hand and wonderful way kept it going.  And we got it.  Thanks, Gregory.




Mark spends most of his time shooting for National Geographic these days, so again, we were lucky to get him in between Africa and Pago Pago.  Mike’s handheld style and keen eye brings  just the right look and brings the Strip alive and keeps us in the story.




Without her, the process wouldn’t have come together, stayed together and kept its momentum.  Thanks so much, Janet.


There are so any people to thank, there’s just one thing to do, and that’s thank them.  With sincere gratitude for their talents, their time and their enthusiasm.


Our cast, in order of appearance:



Schmoo                           Jeff Carpenter

Tommy                           Tommy Lafitte                          

Mike                                    Joe Warik        

Fake Rat Man                  Larkin Werner                            

Toddler                           Judson Bell                                     

Scarf Customer                   Sharon Brady                                     

Hat Customer                   Josh Reese                   

Jammie Customer                  Idolde Zinobile                                                    

TV News Reporter                  David Highfield

Bartender                           Patrick Jordan

Mugger One                           Jack Erdie                   

Mugger Two                  Jarrod DiGiorgi

Balladeer                           Michael Gallagher


Tommy and Me is A Fleadh Films Production.

Ray Werner, Writer, Producer


Director                           Gregory Lehane                          

Director of Photography         Mark Knobil                                   

Unit Production Mgr              Janet Driscoll Smith                          

Sound                                    Christopher Strollo                                   

Best Boy Grip                          Kazu Kodera

Additional Grip                       James Cisneros                                      

Production Asst                  Caitlin Murray                                              

Key Grip                           Michael Zinobile

Makeup                              Rachel Kick

Assistant Makeup               Rod Carter

Mugging Choreographer    Randy Kovitz

Production Designer          Larkin Werner

Editor                                    Brendan Werner

Financial Advisor                  Brian Werner

Extras Assistant                  Susan Werner

Extras Assistant                  Katie Werner

Production Assistance         Jon Kasunic, Judson Heckerman, Longfellow

Editorial Assistance         Barry Bogovich, SunKING

Lighting, Grip Equipment      Danny Doyle, Lightspeed Grip and Lighting

Sound Design                  Sue Hardman, Euphoria

Sound Engineer                  Jack Bailey, Production Masters Inc.

Casting:                           Nancy Mosser

Graphic Design                  Wall-to-Wall Studios

Buskers                           Les Getchell

                                    Bruce Molyneaux

                                    Richard Withers

Trombone Man                  Robert Rubin

Music:                          “Connaughtsman Rambles” and “The Butterfly.”

                                     Hooley (Traditional Irish Music Band):

                                     Les Getchell, Bruce Foley, Bruce Molyneaux,

                                      Oliver Brown, Ray Werner


“Hey, Tommy”                  Michael Gallagher/Ray Werner


Our grateful thanks to:


Mike Fineberg Company, Inc. 

Mrs. Fineberg, Marcia Hellman and their staff.

The Pittsburgh Steelers:

Tony Quatrini

Rob Thompson

Andrew Heidenreich

Operation Safety Net:

Dr. Jim Withers

Louis Lipps


Nigel’s Beauty Emporium

St. Bede Parish

Greetings from Pittsburgh Neighborhood Narratives

Andrew Halaaz and Kristen Schaeffer


And our Strip neighbors, especially:

Joe Hermanowski

La Prima Espresso


St. Patrick’s St. Stanislaus Parish

Lucy Sheets, the hoagie maker

Henry Dewey and Penn Avenue Fish Market

The Farmers @ Firehouse

Dear Heart and Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.

The Firehouse Lounge

Ayoob Produce

Material Handling Specialists

Costume World

Mon Ami Chocolates

Pittsburgh Popcorn

St. Augustine Friary




Our particular thanks to over 200 extras for helping to fill Section 101 at Heinz Field, shop at Mike’s Stuff in the Strip and pay your respects at Tommy’s spontaneous memorial.  And you did it gratis.  You were great, every one of you.

Our humble thanks to four homeless men, Johnny, Michael, Ray and George, who worked as extras, and were the only ones who received a fee.  Dr. Jim Withers said they had a once-in-a lifetime experience, which was gratifying.